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Which brush head fits my Sonicare toothbrush?

Published on 06 January 2023

There are three different types of Sonicare brush heads. The brush head that fits your toothbrush depends on the model you own.  

  • The click-on brush head is the standard brush head and fits most of our Sonicare rechargeable toothbrushes. 

  • The screw-on brush head is compatible with the old Sonicare Essence models.  

  • The Philips One brush head is only compatible with the Philips One. 

Click-on brush head

Sonicare Click-on Brush Head

Screw-on brush head

Sonicare Screw-on Brush head

Philips One brush head

Philips One brush heads are also click-on. However, they may only be used with the Philips One toothbrush. 
Philips One Brush Head

Smart toothbrush heads

Smart toothbrush heads are equipped to tell your toothbrush which brush head you are using. The toothbrush will then select the optimal mode and intensity. You can recognise a smart toothbrush head by the smart icon at the lower bottom of the brush head. 
Philips Smart Brush Head
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