GoGEAR Portable video player

1GB SA5115/97


How to install software for my Philips player?

Important: Before performing the installation, please make sure that your PC is running on Windows XP (Home or Professional) Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista. For all legal licensees, Windows Service Pack (SP) upgrades are free. Also make sure that you have the administrator rights of the PC and all the antivirus and spyware software is disabled. 1. Install Windows Media Player 11, Media Converter software and the device manager by inserting the installation CD into the CD ROM drive. (If the Installer Menu is not displayed automatically, please click the start.exe from the root directory of the CD in Windows Explorer.) 2. From the installer menu, select your preferred language. The welcome screen will pop up. Click NEXT to advance through the next pages until you reach the “install software” page and click NEXT to start the installation of the Windows Media Player. Media Converter software and Philips Device Manager. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. 4. As soon as the installation is completed, restart your computer and then connect your Player to the computer via the supplied USB cable. 5. Once the device is connected you will see the device appear in the task bar or see the device in Windows Explorer, now you can launch Windows Media Player and use the software to transfer music to your Player.

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