SA011102P/97  MP3 player
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MP3 player


Will the keys lock while I?m charging my Philips player?

It depends on the way your player is charging. * When your player is charging on your PC, all buttons will lock. You will not be able to play. * When your player is charging from a wall outlet by using a certificated USB charger, buttons will not lock

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA011102P/97 , SA2442BT/97 , SA2420BT/97 , SA2440BT/97 , SA011102S/97 , SA2447BT/97 , SA2947/97 , SA2945/97 , SA2427BT/97 , SA3285/97 , SA2985/97 , SA2422BT/97 , SA2846/97 , SA2925/97 , SA3448/97 , SA5295BT/97 , SA3425/97 , SA3445/97 , SA5285/97 , SA5295/97 , SA5245BT/97 , SA2845/97 , SA3015/97 , SA3245/97 , SA3125/97 , SA5225/97 , SA5245/97 , SA5225BT/97 , SA5285BT/97 , SA2815/97 , SA3215/97 , SA2825/97 , SA3025/97 , SA3225/97 , SA5115/97 , SA6125/97 , SA3115/97 , SA5145/97 , SA5125/97 , SA3345/97 , SA6145/97 , SA3325/97 , SA3385/97 , SA6025/97 , SA6045/97 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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