GoGEAR MP3 video player

ViBE, 2GB* SA1VBE02P/97

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Codec and why do I need to install it in my PC?

Codec is the technical term for coder/decoder. It is a computer program that allows audio and video files for: 1. Easy storage on your computer 2. Quick transfer to your player and over networks. To make video files transferable and playable, you should make sure the corresponding Codec is installed on your PC. Check if a video file is playable by using the Philips? Media Converter on your PC. * If the video file is playable, this implies the video can be played on your player * If the video file is not playable, you will have to install a Codec pack The Internet is the best source for finding Codec packs that you need to play video files on your PC. We suggest the following: 1. Go to www.download.com/windows. 2. Search for ?directshow codec pack? 3. Download and install one of the codec packs from the list of results IMPORTANT NOTE: Philips cannot guarantee the accuracy or functionality of third party programs. Any questions or technical support must be directed to the distributor of the software.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA1VBE02P/97 , SA1VBE04V/97 , SA1VBE02W/97 , SA1VBE08P/97 , SA1VBE04P/97 , SA1VBE04W/97 , SA1OPS08KB/97 , SA1VBE08W/97 , SA1OPS08K/97 , SA1VBE04B/97 , SA1ARA16K/97 , SA1VBE08B/97 , SA1ARA04K/97 , SA1ARA08K/97 , SA1OPS16K/97 , SA1VBE02K/97 , SA1VBE04K/97 , SA1VBE08K/97 , SA3285/97 , SA3448/97 , SA3425/97 , SA3445/97 , SA5285/97 , SA5245BT/97 , SA3015/97 , SA3245/97 , SA3125/97 , SA5225/97 , SA5245/97 , SA3215/97 , SA3025/97 , SA3225/97 , SA5115/97 , SA3115/97 , SA5145/97 , SA5125/97 , SA3345/97 , SA3325/97 , SA3385/97 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers


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