SCF120/01 Philips Avent Translucent Pacifiers
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Philips Avent Translucent Pacifiers


How do I know the soother is safe to use?

We recommend that you always manually check the soother before giving it to your child:

  1. Inspect carefully before each use, especially when the child has teeth.
  2. Pull the soother in all directions.
  3. Ensure that there are no hairline cracks in the product.
  4. Always use this product under adult supervision.

Throw away the soother at the first signs of damage or weakness. It is still safe to use the soother when parts are discolored, provided the parts are in good condition. Discoloring is harmless and will not affect the use of the parts.

The soother should be replaced after 4 weeks of use, for safety and hygiene reasons.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF120/01 , SCF121/11 , SCF121/12 , SCF123/17 , SCF124/01 , SCF125/11 , SCF125/12 , SCF127/17 , SCF128/01 , SCF129/11 , SCF129/12 , SCF131/17 , SCF132/01 , SCF132/02 , SCF133/01 , SCF133/02 , SCF151/01 , SCF151/02 , SCF170/18 , SCF170/19 , SCF170/20 , SCF170/21 , SCF170/22 , SCF172/18 , SCF172/20 , SCF172/21 , SCF172/22 , SCF172/30 , SCF172/50 , SCF172/70 , SCF174/20 , SCF174/21 , SCF174/22 , SCF176/18 , SCF176/20 , SCF176/21 , SCF176/22 , SCF176/28 , SCF178/13 , SCF178/14 , SCF178/23 , SCF178/24 , SCF180/23 , SCF180/24 , SCF182/23 , SCF182/24 , SCF182/33 , SCF182/34 , SCF184/13 , SCF184/14 , SCF194/03 , SCF195/01 , SCF195/03 , SCF195/04 , SCF195/22 , SCF196/01 , SCF196/18 , SCF197/01 , SCF197/22 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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