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Why are black bars visible in Philips TV, and not a full screen?

Published on 2019-09-10

Zoom can be used to fill the screen. However, some parts of the picture may not be viewable afterwards.

To activate zoom:

  1. Press the 'ZOOM ON/OFF' button on the remote control
  2. Press the 'ZOOM IN' and/or 'ZOOM out' to adjust
  3. Press the 'ZOOM ON/OFF' button once again to exit

Use AUTO ALIGN to adjust the picture:

  1. Press 'MENU' button on the remote control
  2. Select PICTURE 2 with cursor right
  3. Select AUTO ALIGN with cursor down
  4. Press the 'OK' button
  5. Press the 'MENU' button to exit

Reset the DVI picture format:

Chose an other picture format on the DVI connected device. A list of supported screen formats can be found in the directions for use.

Reset the picture format:

  1. Press the 'MENU' button on the remote control
  2. Select PICTURE with cursor right
  3. Select FORMAT with cursor down
  4. Press cursor right
  5. Select the desired format with cursor up/down
  6. Press the 'MENU' button to exit

1280x720p : The black bars cannot be removed. The only possibility to have full screen modus is to adjust the resolution (usually lower) at the connected device.

Note: Most High Definition receiver boxes also have picture-positioning controls in their menu systems. If the TV cursor contols run out of range before the picture is correctly positioned, the reciever box contols will need to be adjusted.

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