SoundShooter wireless portable speaker

Bluetooth®, Carabiner clip, Rechargeable battery, 2W SBT30PNK/00


How to pair my Philips speaker with mobile phone?

It is possible to pair your Philips Bluetooth speaker with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Follow these simple steps to perform the connection:

1. Slide the switch on the speaker towards Bluetooth symbol

The Bluetooth indicator flashes in blue.

2. On your Bluetooth device (such as mobile phone), activate the Bluetooth function

3. On your mobile device, select your Philips Bluetooth speaker such as ?PHILIPS SBT30?

For some Bluetooth devices, you may need to input ?0000? as pairing password. When the speaker is paired with your Bluetooth device, the speaker beeps twice and the Bluetooth indicator is on continuously in blue.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SBT30PNK/00 , SBT30/00 , SBT50/00 , SBT30BLU/00 , SBT30GRN/00 , SBT30ORG/00 . more less

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