SHC8535/79  Wireless hi-fi headphones
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Wireless hi-fi headphones


How to setup my Philips SHC85 Hi-Fi headphones?

In order to be able to enjoy your favourite music from Philips SHC85 headphones, please follow these simple first time setup steps described below:

1. Unscrew and remove the LEFT ear cushion of the headphones

2. Insert the only Philips shortened sleeve rechargeable NiMH batteries into the battery compartment

3. Put the LEFT ear cushion back into place

4. Connect the AC/DC adapter to the transmitter and the main power supply

5. To charge the headphones, place the headphones onto the energizing docking station

Tip: Before using the headphones for the first time, charge the supplied batteries for at least 16 hours.

6. Connect the transmitter to an audio device with the stereo cable. The red LED is on when it is connected

Tip: If the volume of the audio source is insufficient, the transmitter automatically turns off.

7. Power on the headphones and the red LED is on

8. Press and hold 'AUTO TUNING' on the headphones for one second to tune to the correct transmission channel

9. If there is interference from other transmitters

Adjust the transmission channel of the transmitter at the back, then repeat step 8.

10. Adjust the volume of the headphones to the suitable listening level

The information on this page applies to the following models: SHC8535/79 .

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