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My Philips stand garment steamer produces a croaking sound

Published on 10 October 2022
If your Philips Stand Garment Steamer produces a croaking sound, please find our troubleshooting advice below to resolve this issue.

The steamer head is in a horizontal position

Note: The following does not apply to models GC62x and STE305x

The appliance is not meant to be used horizontally. When the steamer head is being used horizontally, steam cannot come out of the steamer head smoothly. This means that steam gets condensed in the steam hose. This might cause a croaking sound.

The hose forms a U-shape

When the hose forms a U-shape, the condensation in it cannot flow back into the water tank. This can cause the head of the steamer to produce a croaking sound. In this case, pplease lift the steamer head to straighten the hose vertically.

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