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    Stream of life energy

    Equipped with 3100mAh battery, the USB charger mobile phone Philips E181 keeps you connected in 143 days and offers surging power for smart devices. Dual SIM, VGA camera, and 2.4" display present you rich user-friendly experience. See all benefits


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Stream of life energy

  • Portable mobile phone charger for more power on the go

    Portable mobile phone charger for more power on the go

    Your Philips Xenium mobile phone is literally a small powerhouse in your hand. Not only does it feature superb battery performance for long conversations, it also recharges your smart phones once you hook them up with the right USB connecting cable. Feel the surge with this power booster on the go.

  • 2.4" QVGA IPS display for vivid graphics

    2.4" QVGA IPS display for vivid graphics

    Experience true color with your phone's 2.4" QVGA screen. Built with IPS technology to defy any viewing angle, your phone will display vibrant colors and vivid images in all your photos and graphics for endless multimedia fun and excitement.

  • Dual SIM for 2 groups of contacts

    Dual SIM for 2 groups of contacts

    Organize your life better and keep your contacts separate by using 2 different phone numbers. With Dual SIM, you don't need to carry 2 phones around.

  • Built-in flashlight

    Why grope around in the dark for your keys or the light switch? Just rely on the handy built-in flashlight in your mobile phone to shed light on any situation.

  • Enjoy FM music your way - out loud or via a headset

    Enjoy the convenience of tuning in to FM radio the way you want - play it out loud through the phone's speaker or via your headset. Just plug in the headset, which acts as an antenna and select your listening option in the menu.

  • Up to 143 days standby time

    The phone can be on and in standby mode continuously for up to 143 days on a single charge.

  • Camera which can take pictures at VGA resolution

    VGA = Video Graphics Array resolution (640x480 or 480x640 pixels)

  • Up to 50 hours of talk time

    The phone can support up to 50 hours conversation on a single charge.

See all Specifications
  • Specification indicated based on initial full battery charge tested in laboratories. Actual performance is dependent on network service provider and usage.
  • MicroSD memory card is not included.

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