Incredible battery life

    The incredibly smart and efficient Philips Xenium 9@9v converts your handwriting into SMSes instantly. Switching phone numbers is easy thanks to dual SIM capacity and its signature ultra-long battery life ensures you stay in touch always! See all benefits


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Incredible battery life

  • Up to 1 month of standby time

    Up to 1 month of standby time

    The phone can be on and in standby mode continuously for up to 1 month on a single charge.

  • Up to 8 hours of talk time

    Up to 8 hours of talk time

    The phone can support up to 8 hours conversation on a single charge.

  • Dual SIM cards for hassle-free switching of phone numbers

    Dual SIM cards for hassle-free switching of phone numbers

    Enjoy hassle-free switching of your phone numbers without having to remove and swap your SIM cards. Your Philips mobile phone is specially designed to accommodate two SIM cards. To switch between the two cards, simply select the desired SIM card on the phone menu.

  • On-screen handwriting recognition

    The intuitive and fast way to write text messages. Simply write on the touch screen as you would write on a piece of paper to have the phone convert your handwriting into an SMS (Short Message Service) text message. The feature has built-in handwriting recognition capability in both Chinese (traditional and simplified) and English (Roman alphabet).

  • Touch screen

    Use the touch screen and integrated stylus to switch to an interface that is simple, intuitive, and comfortable to use. The easy-to-use touch screen lets you quickly navigate menus, write SMS, personalize and give emotion to your pictures, play games, and access other applications.

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  • Specification indicated based on initial full battery charge tested in laboratories with Bluetooth switched off. Actual performance is dependent on network service provider and usage.

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