Cordless phone

D400, 1.8" display/ amber backlight, Speakerphone, 2 handsets D4002B/90


My Philips handset is easily out of range

The reception range is affected by environmental factors such as electrical devices or walls between the base and the handset. To improve reception: * Move the base station to another corner/room. * Move the base station away from other electrical appliances that could interfere with the range (for example, routers, TV, radio, etc). * Do not put the base station on a metallic desk or a metallic table top. * If your model has ECO mode, turn off the ECO mode.

The information on this page applies to the following models: D4002B/90 , D1501B/90 , D2002W/90 , D2001W/90 , D2001B/90 , D4002W/90 , CD1901B/90 , CD2901W/90 , CD1902B/90 , CD1901WB/90 , CD1901BB/90 , CD2801W/90 , CD2802W/90 , CD1801B/90 , CD1802B/90 . more less

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