Daily Collection Juicer

220 W, 0.75 L, Regular tube HR1810/70


What should I do if the filter is blocked?

Switch the appliance off, clean the feeding tube and the filter, empty the integrated pulp container and process a smaller quantity.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1810/70 , HR1811/71 , HR1821/10 , HR1821/70 , HR1823/70 , HR1832/00 , HR1841/55 , HR1841/80 , HR1843/00 , HR1843/55 , HR1847/00 , HR1851/00 , HR1855/70 , HR1858/00 , HR1858/50 , HR1858/55 , HR1861/00 , HR1863/00 , HR1865/00 , HR1871/00 , HR2825/06 . more less

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