Daily Collection Juicer

220 W, 0.75 L, Regular tube HR1810/70


The appliance makes a lot of noise, gives off an unpleasant smell, is too hot to touch or gives off smoke. What should I do?

It is very common for a new appliance to give off an unpleasant smell or emit some smoke the first few times it is used.
The phenomenon will stop after you used the appliance a number of times.

But the appliance may also give off an unpleasant smell or emit some smoke if it has been used too long or with very hard ingredients, e.g. leek.
In this case you have to switch the appliance off and let it cool down for 60 minutes. If the problem persists please contact the Philips Customer Care Center in your country.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1810/70 , HR1811/71 , HR1821/10 , HR1821/70 , HR1823/70 , HR1832/00 , HR1851/00 , HR1855/70 , HR1858/00 , HR1858/50 , HR1858/55 , HR1861/00 , HR1863/00 , HR1863/20 , HR1865/00 , HR1871/00 . more less

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