Satinelle Essential Compact epilator

Satinelle Essential Compact epilator

for legs, Corded epilator, Ergonomic handle HP6420/00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I swim, sunbathe or go to a tanning salon or sauna immediately after epilating?

In general yes, but if the skin is irritated, you should wait for one day.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6420/00 , HP6423/00 , HP6521/01 , HP6400/00 , HP6577/00 , HP6540/00 , HP6512/00 , HP6509/01 , HP6515/00 , HP6491/00 , HP2843/01 , HP2844/01 , HP6409/03 , HP6482/00 , HP6408/03 , HP6409/02 , HP2843/00 , HP6493/00 , HP6492/00 , HP2844/00 , HP6408/02 , HP6408/00 . more less

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