FC6721/01 SpeedPro Cordless Stick vacuum cleaner
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SpeedPro Cordless Stick vacuum cleaner


I feel electric shocks when using my Philips vacuum cleaner

If you feel static electric shocks when using your Philips vacuum cleaner, there is no need to worry. Find out what could be the cause and how to prevent it.

Possible cause

During vacuum cleaning, especially in rooms with low air humidity, your vacuum cleaner builds up static electricity. As a result you can experience electric shocks when you touch the tube or other steel parts of your vacuum cleaner. These shocks are not harmful to you and do not damage the appliance.


To reduce this inconvenience, we advise you to discharge the appliance by frequently holding the tube against other metal objects in the room (for example, legs of a table or chair, radiator, etc.).

Furthermore, we advise you to raise the air humidity level in the room by placing water in the room. For example, you can hang containers filled with water from your radiators or place bowls filled with water on or near your radiators.

If the above solution did not help to solve your problem, please contact Philips Consumer Care.

Discharging the appliance

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC6721/01 , FC6728/82 , FC6728/01 , FC9728/01 , FC9351/01 , FC6140/01 , FC6142/01 , FC6145/61 , FC6146/01 , FC6149/61 , FC6161/02 , FC6161/04 , FC8083/01 , FC8085/01 , FC8188/01 , FC8189/01 , FC8204/01 , FC8204/02 , FC8208/01 , FC8212/01 , FC8232/01 , FC8234/01 , FC8256/01 , FC8262/01 , FC8286/01 , FC8344/01 , FC8348/01 , FC8390/01 , FC8394/01 , FC8396/02 , FC8433/02 , FC8438/02 , FC8473/61 , FC8602/01 , FC8611/01 , FC8716/01 , FC8734/01 , FC9064/01 , FC9064/02 , FC9066/03 , FC9082/01 , FC9150/01 , FC9160/01 , FC9166/01 , FC9200/01 , FC9204/01 , FC9228/01 , FC9262/01 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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