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Product features

  • SimpleSetup is an exclusive feature of Philips

    Setup your universal remote control fast and easily thanks to the innovative SimpleSetup feature which only requires 3 simple steps: 1. Look up the brandcode for your device and enter it into the remote 2. Press the on/off button until your device goes off 3. Check if all keys are working. Ready!

  • Certified Green Product: Strong commitment to sustainability

    Certified by Royal Philips Electronics as Green Product. Green Product means performance of device is at least 10% better than main competitors on very important sustainability topics (e.g. energy efficiency, product weight, lifecycle management, etc.).

  • Natural fit and comfortable to hold

    The remote shape fits perfectly in your hand for natural, balanced operation. It looks great too!

  • 2 years limited warranty

    There is a 2-years limited warranty for this product.

  • URC support service via dedicated website

    Dedicated support service for your remote control whereby all codes for all brands are available via the Philips URC website.

  • Big buttons increase operability and readability

    Big buttons are larger size buttons on a remote to help read the label better. Additionally, pressing the button becomes more convenient, as the size has increased by 2 mm compared to the standard button remote size.

  • Operate remote in the dark with partially backlit buttons

    Convenient backlit buttons make it easy to use the remote even in the dark.

  • The soft-coated back ensures a smooth grip and anti-slip.

    The back of the remote is soft-coated, giving it an overall smooth grip. This special coating also results in anti-slip.

  • Remote can learn new devices for ease of use

    Learning ability of new/unknown functions from original remote to your Philips Universal Remote Control ensures future proofness.

  • Compatible with more than 1200 brands

    Full compatibility with over 1200 brands.

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