Neck and Shoulder Massager Massage Shawl


Cares for shoulders and neck

Applied 3D 6-claw three-dimensional kneading mechanisms, the massage shawl simulates a real-life technique to massage shoulders and neck in grasping and rubbing. with the hot compress function, it can quickly relax the sore of neck muscles.

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Neck and Shoulder Massager Massage Shawl

Cares for shoulders and neck

42℃ hot compress, gentle and comfort kneading

  • 6-finger kneading
  • Joint care of shoulder & neck
  • Warm compress

Imitation of real-life massage,deeply soothes muscles.

The massager adopts an innovative 6-claw kneading mechanism, which simulates a real-life 6-finger massage technique, grasping while rubbing both shoulders and neck to quickly relax the neck muscles.

Large area massage, simultaneous care of shoulders and neck

The massage claws can cover the neck and shoulders at the same time, kneading and squeezing the muscles, so that the neck and shoulders can be relaxed together.

Warm compresses to promote blood circulation

Using a large-area heating process, the sore shoulders and neck are supplemented with warm and hot compresses to promote blood circulation, so that the muscles can quickly relax and release fatigue;

A variety of modes, not single massage

There are 3 preset massage modes and rich massage techniques, so that the massage process is no longer single.

Double pull straps design, easy to adjust the intensity

Bilateral adjustable pull straps ensure that the massage head can fit the neck and shoulders, and the massage intensity can be adjusted by pulling force.

Powered by lithium battery, not bound by cords

The massage shawl can be used plugged or unplugged, not bound by the power cord. You do not need to wait for the charging process, and can easily use it anytime, anywhere;

Adjust the intensity to meet your needs

Preset 2 levels of massage intensity, the intensity of massage is up to you

Technical Specifications

  • General specifications

    Massage type
    • Kneading
    • Hot compress
    Dark blue
    Product Dimension (LxWxH)
    580x400x200  mm
    Net weight
    1.96 kg
    Quantity of massage nodes
  • Main parameters

    Working voltage
    12.8 V
    Auto shut-off time
    15 minutes
    Working power
    23 W
    2200 mAh
    Charging current
    1 A
    Charging voltage
    12.8 V
  • Country of origin

    Made in
  • Service

    Warranty period
    2 years

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