Neck Massager


Double care for the neck

Designed to relieve neck pressure, it combines micro current massage and warm compress. Anti-bow pattern can strongly support the chin, with neck support. Various modes and intensities are available, which is suitable for different users.

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Neck Massager

Double care for the neck

Support to soothe and massage to relax

  • EMS microcurrent massage
  • 2 hot compress levels
  • Flexible support structure

Breakthrough combination of head & neck support and massage

The newly created V-shaped anti-duck structure incorporates EMS massage and hot compress. While massaging, it helps you straighten your cervical spine and sit upright, creating a multi-functional massage experience.

Anti-bow V-shaped design

The area close to the chin adopts a newly created V-shape, which is ergonomically designed and fits the curve of the chin. Support your chin steadily to prevent excessive bowing and reduce pressure on your head and neck.

Flexible support structure

The built-in curved elastic support rack can give the head a good assistance after wearing this motorcycle. Hold the chin to prevent excessive bending and relieve stress.

Soft, highly elastic foam

The inner core of slow rebound foam has just the right elasticity and is suitable for different neck lengths. The foam has multiple breathable holes, and the soft and smooth fabric on the device makes your massage relaxing, refreshing and not stuffy.

EMS dual frequency pulse massage

The medium and low dual-frequency pulses are output uniformly and stably, simulating various massage techniques such as pressing, tapping, kneading, and massage, and mobilizing neck muscle contraction to relax.

2 hot compress levels

Embedded with a thin heating sheet, gentle heat penetrates into the core muscle area of the neck. You can enjoy hot compress while massaginig to relax the tight neck.

4 major modes and 12 levels of intensity

Different modes and pulse intensity levels can be freely combined. The intensity can be strong or mild, giving you a diverse massage experience. The buttons are designed with concave and convex patterns for easy and convenient operation.

Soft neck extension strap

The neck strap is lengthened and can be attached in two ways to comfortably fit a variety of neck sizes to meet the needs of different people.

150g lightweight design

The whole device weighs only 150g. It is light and easy to wear. It does not put additional burden on the cervical spine and brings a burden-free massage experience.

120 minutes of long-lasting battery life

It has a built-in 950mAh lithium battery, which can last for 120 minutes on a full charge. It is equipped with a Type-C charging cable to recharge the battery at any time, making it a good travel companion.

Technical Specifications

  • General specifications

    Massage type
    • EMS
    • Hot compress
    Product Dimension (LxWxH)
    170x180x110  mm
    Net weight
    about 0.15kg
    Dark blue
  • Main parameters

    Working voltage
    3.7 V
    Auto shut-off time
    10 minutes
    Working power
    3 W
    950 mAh
    Massage modes
    Charging current
    1 A
    Charging voltage
    5 V
    Charging port
    USB Type-C
    Massage strength levels
  • Country of origin

    Made in
  • Service

    Warranty period
    2 years

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