Eye Mask Massager


Wave-type vibration, relax for better exploration

16 silicone massage contacts, soft, comfortable and easy to clean. With 3 hot compress levels, 5 modes and Bluetooth function you can choose a comfortable temperature, use it in various scenarios and enjoy music during leisure massage time.

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Eye Mask Massager

Wave-type vibration, relax for better exploration

Soothing vibration, new eye care realm

  • VibWave vibration
  • Hot compress under the eyes
  • Grid visualization design
  • Wireless music playback

VibWave massage system, point-to-point efficient massage

Combined with Asian face data, in-depth analysis and research, finely customize the height and angle of each massage head, and strive to achieve 3D three-dimensional fit, which greatly improves the massage effect and comfort. In addition, the massager is customized a variety of effective massage techniques according to the most effective massage strength and techniques of each acupoint to achieve point-to-point efficient massage.

Hot compresses under the eyes to relieve sore eyes

The 6 contacts under the eyes are equipped with 3 levels of thermostatically hot compress function. Different modes correspond to the most suitable temperature, which can effectively promote blood circulation in the eyes, dredge the meridians, relax the muscles of the eyes, and improve the massage effect.

16 massage contacts, soft without pulling the skin

16 massage contacts, ingeniously made of soft silicone material, to restore the touch of human hand massage to the greatest extent. Silky smooth to greatly reduce the skin pulling feeling, effectively protect the skin so will not cause dry lines and fine lines during the massage process. In addition, this material can reduce the dust on the surface, and it can be restored to clean by wiping lightly, effectively ensuring eye hygiene.

Relaxing massage without blocking the view

The grid-style visual design allows you to easily deal with daily small things while achieving uninterrupted eye massage, so that your eyes can be fully relaxed, allowing you to ensure the integrity of each massage and improve the efficiency of work and study. In addition, the grid design can effectively reduce the symptoms of claustrophobia, it can relax the eyes and the mood at the same time, and improve the happiness of life.

Multiple massage modes, suitable for a wide range of people

Taking into account the needs of users in multiple scenarios, 5 massage modes are customized with ingenuity, including hot compress and four vibration modes: multi-frequency vibration, rhythm vibration, ring vibration, and soft vibration. It can achieve multiple functions such as eye protection and relaxation, relieving dryness, promoting blood circulation, enhancing the vitality of eye muscles, and slowing the formation of dark circles and eye bags.

1 button with 3 kinds of usage

In order to ensure a simple appearance, this product adopts a one-button control design, and can achieve multiple functions at the same time: press to switch the mode, dial up to switch the temperature levels and dial down to switch the music. It is easy to realize a simple "blind operation".

Wireless foldable design, easy to store and carry.

The eye massager follows the wireless design and is equipped with a 1200mAh large-capacity battery with long battery life. It is an essential choice for business trips and travel. The foldable design saves space and is easy to carry when you go out.

Music and wireless function, a more comfortable massage

In addition to the high-definition white noise that comes with the massager, this massager supports the wireless device playback function. By connecting to the mobile phone, you can play music, stories, audio materials, etc. Listening to what you love, makes massage more comfortable and more relaxed.

Technical Specifications

  • General specifications

    Massage type
    • Point vibration
    • Hot compress
    Power supply
    Type-C charging cable
    Product Dimension (LxWxH)
    191×74×78  mm
    Main materials
    • ABS plastic
    • Elastic fabric
    Dark Grey
    Battery capacity
    1200 mAh
  • Main parameters

    Temperature of heating
    40~46±2  °C
    Battery life
    140 minutes
  • Country of origin

    Country of origin
  • Service

    Warranty period
    2 years

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