Massage Headband


Enjoy a relaxing head massage

This band-type head massager provides a new way of head massage. It can comfortablly fit different head sizes. With its portbable size, you can enjoy relaxing kneading head massage and hot compress anywhere.

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Massage Headband

Enjoy a relaxing head massage

With kneading and hot compress

  • 6-area kneading massage
  • Colorful screen controller
  • Adjustable headband
  • Breathable fabric

6-area air pressure kneading massage

The massage headband fits the head circumference and has 6 massage areas covering the forehead, temples, and occipital region. The air bag simulates kneading pressure of human hand massage, which can effectively relax the head muscles and enhance blood circulation.

3 levels of constant warm compress

The hot compress module with built-in temprature sensor can provide hot compress at a well-controlled temperature range, which can help to improve the blood circulation at forehead area.

Portable design

Unlike other head massager with helmet shape and size, this headband device is super light weight and portable. The combination of fabric main unit with external controller makes it easy to be folded to a handy size and take away.

Adjustable design to fit different head circumference

With the Velcro at back of the headband. It can fit properly with most head circumference of adults. Which is essential for best head massage experience.Users can also adjust it easily when they feel it too tight or too loose.

Suitable for use before sleep

When you enjoy a comfortable massage with this device and gradually fall asleep on bed, the lightweight headband will not bring any discomfort.

Simple user interface

There are only 2 buttons, one for massage modes, another for hot compress levels. The color screen around the buttons directly shows the status. No complex process, just click and enjoy it.

Technical Specifications

  • General specifications

    Massage type
    • Kneading
    • Hot compress
    Light Blue
    Net weight
    510 g
    Packaging Dimension(L)*(W)*(H)
    346x226x48  mm
  • Country of origin

    Country of origin
  • Service

    Warranty period
    2 years

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