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    Twist and Shoot

    It's a camera, it's a phone, yes it's a Philips 760. This dual form factor camera phone combines all the functionalities you would expect from a true digital camera to capture the absolute highlights. Give it a try, it's a real head turner. See all benefits

    CT7608/000APMEA Find similar products


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Twist and Shoot

1.3 Megapixel digital camera phone

  • Real digital cam design

    'Real digital cam design means that the phone's exterior looks like a high-quality digital camera, but underneath is a fully functional mobile phone with integrated megapixel camera.

  • 180° swivel hinge

    'The 180° swivel hinge allows you to use your mobile display just like a real digital camera preview screen.

  • Multi-shot for continuous pictures

    Multi-shot for continuous pictures allows you to use a single click to take a sequence of photos to capture movement. Select continuous shooting: time and interval.

  • Super-bright flash

    'Super-bright flash is a light generated by LED to take pictures in low light conditions, such as night. Manually activate and deactivate the super-bright flash by pressing and releasing the "+" or "-" volume side key (super-bright flash is automatically de-activated once the photo has been taken).

  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

    MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) allows you to use your mobile phone to send and receive pictures, video, and audio files with your text messages.

  • TV SlideShow

    TV SlideShow allows you to display pictures from your phone's photo album directly on a TV screen for the fun of sharing pictures from your phone's camera with friends and family. Simply connect your mobile phone and TV with the TV Link accessory to run an automatic or manual slideshow.

  • Store up to 70 high-definition photos in your phone

    You can use the phone's built-in memory to store up to 70 high-resolution, high-definition photos (1280 x 1024 pixels each). Simply take and store photos until the phone's built-in memory of 18 MB is full, then download or delete them

  • WAP

    Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) version 1.2.1 is a standardized way for a mobile phone to talk to a server in the mobile phone network to connect your phone to WAP-enabled web sites, allowing you to access comprehensive information whenever you need it.

  • Java 2.0 technology

    Java 2.0 technology allows you to enhance and personalize your phone with new games and applications simply by downloading them.

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