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BlueVision Moto

Headlight bulb

    BlueVision Moto

    Headlight bulb

    White light for style

    Discover Philips BlueVision Moto with its ultimate blue xenon effect. Philips state-of-the-art, Gradient Coating™ technology creates the stylish xenon effect in the headlight and produces a powerful 3700 K bright, white light on the road. See all benefits


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BlueVision Moto Headlight bulb

Type of lamp: M5, Pack of: 1, 12 V, 35/35 W 12152BVB1 Find similar products

White light for style

3700K white light upgrade

  • Fully homologated road legal lamp

    Fully homologated road legal lamp

    Philips BlueVision Moto bulbs are fully homologated for road legal use for a safe ride.

  • Philips moto lamps are made of high-quality quartz glass

    Philips moto lamps are made of high-quality quartz glass

    UV-Quartz glass is stronger than hard glass and highly resistant to temperature extremes and vibrations, which eliminates the risk of explosion. Philips quartz-glass lamps (filament 2 650º C and glass 800º C) are able to withstand severe thermal shock. With the capability of increased pressure inside the lamp, UV-quartz glass is able to produce a more powerful light.

  • Philips car lamps are highly UV resistant

    Philips car lamps are highly UV resistant

    Philips special anti-UV coating technology protects the headlights against harmful ultraviolet radiation, making Philips UV-coated quartz glass perfect for all driving conditions and ensures their longevity.

  • 3700K bright white light on the road

    With a white light of 3700K, BlueVision Moto lamps offer a greater visibility on the road as well as a unique effect in the optics which makes you stand out amongst other riders.

  • Philips is the choice of major motorcylce manufacturers.

    For 100 years, Philips has been on the forefront of the automotive lighting industry, introducing technological innovations that have become standards on modern automobiles. Today, one in two cars in Europe and one in three worldwide, is equipped with Philips lighting.

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