Daily Collection Mini kettle

0.8 L 2400 W, 1 cup indicator, White and Blue, Hinged lid HD4608/70


My Philips kettle boils and stops

If your Philips kettle switches off automatically when the water boils, find the explanation here.

The kettle switches off automatically when the water has boiled

Your kettle is functioning correctly. It is expected to stop and switch off once the water has boiled.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD4608/70 , HD4677/20 , HD4676/40 , HD4667/20 , HD4646/70 , HD4676/20 , HD4670/20 , HD4608/00 , HD4609/00 , HD4618/20 , HD4619/20 , HD4665/20 , HD4680/55 , HD4678/55 , HD4681/55 , HD4683/50 , HD4690/00 , HD4681/80 , HD4665/22 . more less

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