Daily Collection Juicer

300 W, 0.5L HR1811/71


There is foam coming out of the blender. What did I do wrong?

The quantity you put in the jar was too large. When processing foaming ingredients, do not fill the jar beyond two thirds of its overall capacity.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1811/71 , HR1847/00 , HR2000/70 , HR2001/71 , HR2011/70 , HR2020/70 , HR2095/90 , HR2095/94 , HR2100/03 , HR2100/06 , HR2104/00 , HR2104/03 , HR2108/00 , HR2108/03 , HR2170/50 , HR2860/80 , HR2870/60 , HR2874/00 , HR3556/00 . more less

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