Body Contour Ladyshave

Wet & dry HP6317/01


My Philips Ladyshave does not work as well as it should

If your Philips Ladyshave is not working as it should, there might be ways that you can resolve the issue yourself. Please go through the following tips.


  • Make sure you move the Shaver against the direction of hair growth and use the right foil for the dedicated area (silver foil for the legs, golden foil for underarms and bikini area)

  • To obtain the best results, the angle between the skin and the Shaver (handle) has to be 70°, or 90° between your skin and the shaving head (see user manual). If this is not the problem, try applying a drop of sewing machine oil.

  • If the shaving performance still does not improve, it is probably time to replace the shaving foil and the cutter block

  • The batteries may be empty or not inserted correctly. The pictograms in the battery compartment show in which direction the + and - poles have to point.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6317/01 .

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