Serve perfection, every time

Coffee plays a big part in people's lives, whether it's something you love to wake up to or the perfect drink to serve when you're feeling sociable. Great, rich tasting coffee always starts with the best quality beans. Then it's all down to choosing how you prepare your favourite brew, so that it's always just the way you like it.

Philips offers a range of different coffee makers, each designed to enrich those all-important coffee moments for you and your friends.

And if you fancy a tea from time to time—green, black or herbal—we also have a fantastic range of kettles.

Richer coffee moments

Our unique filter system is designed for the ultimate in taste and aroma.

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Couple enjoying espresso specialities

Savour authentic espresso at home.

Coffee lovers everywhere adore authentic espresso, the exquisite coffee served every day in the street cafés of Italy. Brewed to perfection by generations of baristas, espresso is a classic with a simply wonderful taste. But you don’t have to go to a café to savour real espresso coffee. Thanks to Philips Saeco. With our Italian heritage, we’re proud to say we invented—and perfected—the first-ever fully automatic ‘bean-to-cup’ espresso machine that grinds fresh coffee beans every time you use it. So now you too can make genuine Italian espresso. Simply and easily, at the touch of a button, every day in your home.

Loose coffee beans
Experience espresso.

Immerse yourself in vibrant espresso culture and bring that unique taste into your home.

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Exprelia bean-to-cup espresso machine interface
Choose your machine.

Find the ideal Philips Saeco for you. Choose from bean-to-cup and manual machines.

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Be your own barista!

Genuine espresso has always been much more than a standard coffee. As your local barista will tell you, espresso is an experience, a celebration of life itself. From the classic espresso to creamy latte macchiato and the perfect cappuccino, our espresso machines make it easy to be your own barista. We make it simple to serve up your favourite espresso specialities for your family and friends at home, in the blink of an eye, whenever you want to.

Be your own barista
Cappuccino with butterfly froth pattern

Practically perfect

Built from the best modern materials, our sleek and stylish coffee filter machines are ideal for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Their unique brewing system in all our machines makes them ideal, whether you're looking for the perfect coffee for a special occasion, want to make sure yours is always as you like it or simply need great coffee with the minimum of fuss.

Coffee the way you love it

Coffee the way you love it

Always. Our unique system extracts all the flavour and aroma from the ground coffee. And MyAroma Control ensures your coffee is to your taste every time.

Simply good coffee

Simply good coffee

Coffee should be a daily pleasure, so our coffee machines are designed to make making coffee simplicity itself.

Enrich your coffee moments

Enrich your coffee moments

You want the ultimate in taste and aroma. From boil and brew to integrated grinders, we do everything to bring it to you.

The right kettle for everyone

Each kettle comes in a stylish design, so there is always a model that will look good in your kitchen. There are kettles for lovers of real tea and for those who know that taste depends on getting the temperature just right, whether you're making a sauce, a soup or a hot chocolate. There are kettles for the eco-friendly who only want to use the energy they really need. And of course, they are all designed to make boiling quick and easy.

Fast and easy boiling

Flat elements are easy to clean and heat your water quickly so you can have what you want, now.

Saving energy and water

Cup indicators make it easy to fill the kettle with the amount of water you need, meaning you can save up to 66% energy.

Great tasting hot drinks

Did you know that different drinks need water to be heated to different temperatures? These kettles heat your water to the right temperature for your favourite hot food and drinks.