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A real-time data platform to help improve productivity and reduce costs

    Driving operational outcomes and improving performance

    PerformanceBridge offers an integrated, scalable portfolio of innovative technology, analytics and professional services which empower hospital departments to improve their performance and build a program for continuous improvement.

    Bridge the gap between data and decision making

    Decision making racetrack

    The pressure to reduce costs while maintaining patient volumes and increasing operational efficiency in the current healthcare environment is intense.


    Philips understands the growing need for cohesive solutions that enable integrated health care delivery and improved patient care through more sustainable and efficient use of medical technology.


    To that end, we have developed a highly-customizable set of solutions with Philips PerformanceBridge, a vendor-agnostic, configured approach to partnering with our customers focused on driving continuous improvement in operational performance.

    Built to enable

    Focus on improving operational efficiency and reducing costs, while maintaining an emphasis on quality, performance and value.

    PerformanceBridge is a web-based, real-time data platform that aggregates data from multiple sources, like your RIS, PACS, and financial systems, and integrates with your image viewer to launch with context.


    Our solutions help drive continuous improvement in a range of areas such as workflow, asset optimization, and planning for the needs of patient populations.

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    Key advantages of PerformanceBridge

    Vendor-neutral solution

    that can integrate data from imaging modalities with DICOM, EMR and RIS with HL7, and other sources onto a common platform.

    Real-time data analysis

    that allows for tactical firefighting and supports management and patient-facing staff with dedicated applications to support clinical workflow.

    Analytics and workflow tools

    to help with learning, quality, and operations coordination.

    An open software development kit

    that allows flexibility to customize and quickly build applications, without having to rely on our support.

    Support and services

    to aid in decision-making, adoption of continuous improvement, and driving value.

    Flexible suite of scalable solutions

    With a broad spectrum of offerings and capabilities, we partner with customers to customize solutions that enable confident decision-making to enhance performance, address gaps, monitor progress and drive transformative change across departments and enterprise-wide.

    Baseline and benchmark reporting

    Baseline & benchmark reporting

    Analysis and reporting of operational and business performance to identify opportunities.

    Targeted analytics and workflow solutions

    Targeted analytics & workflow solutions

    Tools and applications for specific problem areas, tailored to meet current needs and long term strategy.

    Full business intelligence solution

    Full business intelligence solution

    Integrated practice management solution with advisory services to drive improvement processes.

    Professional services to support progress

    Professional services

    We offer a diverse set of services to aid in decision-making and adoption of continuous change.

    Many of our solutions are paired with advisory services, enabling our team to work closely in partnership with you, to provide information and directional support to assist in operational decision making, adoption of continuous change, and drive value for the overall healthcare system. We understand curating the right data to gain insights is critical in the outcomes delivered by our solutions.

    Our service team is dedicated to helping you unify your data to unlock actionable information from the right data for the right metric, in order to enhance operational and clinical decision making that’s centered around the patient.

    Based on your needs, we’ll work with you to identify which services will best compliment your solutions and help you make progress toward your goals.


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