Asset Description
Philips internal asset description
Asset ID
Philips internal asset number
Case - Priority
1 - Critical Need
2 - System Down
3 - System Restricted
4 - Intermittent problem
5 - Scheduled Activity
Case activity -Type
Problem Reported by customer
Safety Question
T2 Activities
External Remarks
Case Number
Philips internal case number
Case Origin

Phone: case reported via Philips Customer Care center by phone

Web: cases reported via Customer Services Portal

Case Status

New: Case is logged.  

In Process: Philips Service Engineer is handling the case

Fixed: Reported issue has been solved.

Closed: Case is closed and archived.

Custom Asset Name
Customized asset name entered by Customer Portal Manager
Event Type
Corrective Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance
Field Change Order
Application Support
Customer Information
Contractual Upgrade
Expiration Status (Contracts)

Green: >90 days from today

Yellow: >30 and <90 days from today

Red: <30 days from today

Functional Location Description
Physical location of the device/asset as per Philips install base records
Install Date
Installation date as per Philips install base records
Line Item Description
Description of the Philips contract
Line Item Number
Entitlements number from Philips Contract Number associated to this asset
Purchase Order
Product Modality
Group of Product family such as:
MR: Magnetic Resonance
US: Ultrasound,
CT: Computed Tomography
IXR: Interventional X-Ray
Report Closure Date
Closure date reported by Philips Service Engineer
Internal Philips SAP reference number
Serial Number
Serial Number of the Asset
Service Contract
Philips Service Contract Number
Service Performance & Quality Report
If entitled for your asset, you're able to download the Service Performance and Quality Report for this asset
Service Type
Bench repair
Parts Only
Sub-contractor service
Ship To
Account to which the contract has been sold to
Active, Inactive, …
Technical ID (Tech ID)
Philips internal technical ID
Unique Device Identifier

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