Lumify C5-2

Curved Array Transducer

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The Lumify C5-2 curved array transducer provides high resolution imaging for deeper applications: abdominal, gall bladder, Ob/Gyn and lung imaging preset optimizations. With a battery-free transducer for lightweight control, a quick-connect platform for professional collaboration, and convenient connectivity for data sharing, Lumify brings you countless real-world applications, in real time. Included: carry bag, USB-C and Micro-B cables.

Continuous Scanning:

Lumify is ready when you are.

With 2-5 hours of continuous scanning capabilities, it offers ongoing clarity in the most urgent situations.
Future-proof Cable:

Built for versatility.

Lumify features a detachable cable that offers the flexibility to replace damaged cables, and keep up with ever-evolving digital devices.
Lightweight Portability:

Ergonomic transducers.

Weighing less than 136 grams, Lumify’s battery-free transducers give you lightweight control for ease-of-use and the ultimate advantage in portability.
Effortless Updates:

Innovation happens every day.

With ongoing app updates, we’ll keep you up-to-date by putting all our latest features at your fingertips.
Convenient Connectivity:

Share insights at the speed of need.

Lumify gives you the power to quickly send and share images, notes, and diagnostic data.* Data is delivered via email, DICOM to PACS, a shared network, or a local directory. *User is responsible for complying with patient data privacy regulations.
Integrated tele-ultrasound:

Real-time collaboration.

Philips Lumify with Reacts offers a quick-connect platform to help you collaborate with other healthcare professionals using real-time 2-way video and audio calls and live ultrasound streaming.
Accessible Pricing:

No hidden fees.

Lumify is an ultrasound that offers straight-forward pricing for maximum accessibility, with no hidden fees. Because Lumify works on your existing compatible smart devices, there’s no additional cost built-in for a monitor.
Ongoing Support:

Global service.

As with all Philips products, Lumify comes with continuous support and global service to help keep you up and running. We’ve also created a Lumify FAQ page to offer answers to common questions.