Hospital alarm management solution

Alarm management from
signal to action

Our alarm management solution is an end-to-end solution designed to help you manage alarms and reduce fatigue, while providing the information you need, when you need it, to categorize, distribute and respond—virtually wherever you are.

From patient sensors and monitors to mobile solutions, our distributed alarm management solution offers reporting and analysis to help you manage alarms, so that no matter where you are in the hospital you have access to the data you need to assess your patients' condition. It is designed to complement real world workflow and staffing, help lower noise levels and enhance patient care.

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This continuous end-to-end solution from a single vendor simplifies patient alarm management and helps align resources, processes, and technologies.

Be informed, virtually anywhere you are

On patient

When interpreting ECG waveforms, even the most sophisticated algorithms can be defeated by a loose or improperly located electrode. That is why our focus on quality begins with our electrodes and sensors, which meet our exacting standards and are designed to deliver clear signals to our monitors, enhancing alarm reliability.

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IntelliVue monitors put you in control of alarming parameters, so you can separate actionable from nonactionable alarms. They permit you to tailor alarms to the clinical characteristics of individual patients and groups of patients, so you can choose different alarm triggers that reflect different patient conditions. Advanced clinical decision support (CDS) tools provide graphical views that help you analyze measurement trends so you can respond to patient needs even before an alarm is triggered.

Central station

IntelliVue Information Center (PIIC iX) provides a powerful central monitoring system that gives you one intuitive view of each patient’s current status, personalized to the patient’s clinical condition and configured for your department. From the PIIC iX information center, several review applications highlight interdependencies and give you a clear picture of patient status and condition.

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CareEvent delivers parameters, waveforms, and other alarm-based data directly to your hospital-supplied smartphone, so you can confidently assess patient condition even when you are away from the bedside or information station. With clinical context in your hands, you can make an informed decision to respond, escalate an alarm to a colleague, or communicate effectively with the care team.

Analyze and enhance to reduce noise levels

Patient safety is the first priority for any healthcare provider. While patients are at risk when relevant data fails to trigger an alarm, they are also at risk when too many non-actionable alarms create unnecessary noise and lead to alarm fatigue, The PIIC iX Alarm Audit Log supports hospital research on alarming and sentinel events and provides data to continuously improve your alarm management.

CareEvent and reports – including the number of alarms, the times of alarms, the caregiver response and response times associated with the alarms – can be used to adjust your alarm parameters, improve your protocols, and balance the workload among caregivers.

Get near real-time information from virtually anywhere

Care teams need clinically rich patient information to support continuous collaboration, timely diagnosis, and early intervention. Now caregivers can communicate and collaborate to decide the best course of care. Even when they’re on the go.

A strategic alarm and noise reduction roadmap

Our Healthcare Transformation consulting services provide strategic, vendor-independent alarm and noise management consulting services to help you reach your alarm system management and noise reduction goals.
Our alarm and noise management consulting engagement includes:
  • Performance assessment: We conduct interviews, collect and analyze alarm data, evaluate workflow and monitoring practices, and assess alarm performance.
  • Improvement design: Based on our assessment and data analytics, we review your options, and develop an alarm system management strategy and roadmap that focuses on reducing non-actionable alarms.
  • Implementation and change management: We partner with you to prioritize, communicate, and implement selected changes.
  • Monitor results: Once complete we will re-evaluate alarm data and noise levels to assess the impact of implemented changes, create on-going support materials, and measure alarm with dashboard metrics.

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