PC Headset

    PC Headset

    Full Size Multimedia

    This full size multimedia headphone and microphone is designed for maximum comfort during on-line chatting and gaming.


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Full Size Multimedia

  • Uni-directional design picks up speaker's voice only

    This microphone is most sensitive to sound coming from the direction of the performer, and far less sensitive to sound form all other directions. The result is clear voice reproduction with little risk of feedback from speakers on stage.

  • The whole ear is covered to optimize sound quality

    Full-size earshells of these Philips headphones not only cover your whole ear for better sound quality, but also provide space for a larger, higher performance driver.

  • The 3m-long cable is ideal for use with headsets

    A handy cable length to make it easier for you to move freely around while using your headphones.

  • In-line control that simplifies volume adjustment

    Adjust the volume to your preferred level without having to go to the audio source unit.

  • Mute microphone is only heard when you want it to be

    Simply mute your headset microphone when you want to say something that you don't want your interactive gaming partner to hear.

  • Rotary microphone boom optimizes voice pick up

    This free moving boom on the headset helps you optimally position the microphone for clear voice pick-up during net meetings.

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