Cooking Up a Perfect Dinner Party in your Condo

September 1, 2015

With the right tools, you can easily throw a housewarming bash that all your guests will remember


Young, working go-getters and yuppies in the city know how it goes: you move into your shiny new condo, and the text messages asking about the obligatory housewarming party start flooding in. Having your own space after all means having to play host every once in a while, which while rewarding can be a daunting affair if you’re not prepared.


Many questions emerge – Is there enough space? Do I have enough time? What food should I prepare? – and having to address each can make you want to close off your doors to guests forever. Fear not however – with a plan in hand and the right tools, you’ll find that arranging a memorable condo dinner party can in fact be quite easy.


Have a plan that will please


The most important thing is to plan ahead. Think about the theme, the guests, the time you want them to be there, but most of all think about your menu. Be organized about every detail of the dinner party, but be flexible enough to accommodate last minute changes.


Also know what food your guests enjoy. The success of your party depends on them having fun after all, so ask your guests what kind of food they like and don’t like. Go for different ways of cooking, and try to create dishes that complement each other.


“Because this is a dinner party, your menu is what guests will ultimately remember,” says Reah Ronsaryo, Business Development Manager for Domestic Appliances at Philips. “The most memorable parties are those where different kinds of food are served, and this is where having the right kitchen appliances comes in. A tool like the Philips Airfryer will allow you to prepare a variety of delicious, healthy dishes with minimum hassle, making best use of the limited space you have.”


Maximize your space


Many modern condos are modest in size, so it’s likely that you won’t have a large assortment of kitchen appliances available. And because you’ll want to save most of your floor space for guests, you’ll find that multi-use appliances with small footprints like the Philips Airfryer are a godsend for dinner parties.


Built with Philips’ unique Rapid Air Technology, the Airfryer makes use of fast circulating superheated air to prepare fried favorites in a quick, easy, and healthy way. Using 80% less oil than conventional cooking methods, it allows you to cook guilt-free treats that even the pickiest dinner guests will enjoy.


“Many people today are conscious of the fat in the food they eat, and your guests will be no different,” says Ronsaryo. “Preparing your dinner spread with the Philips Airfryer will show them that you care about the stuff that goes into your food, which is sure to make them come back for the next party!”


Capable of frying, baking, roasting, and grilling, the Philips Airfryer is a one-stop solution that can be used to prepare pretty much your entire menu. Party-size servings will not be a problem either, with its 0.8 Kg cooking capacity.


Good food, good times


Because dinner parties are a favorite activity among many young condo-dwellers, you’ll want to be able to quickly whip up a nice spread each time your friends ask to come over. A thoughtfully assembled assortment of Philips Kitchen Appliances will make condo dinner parties the joy they should be, rather than a chore.


The Philips Induction Cooker for instance allows you to cook up party treats in up to 30% less time with its smart panel and numerous presets, while retaining all the nutrients in your food. The quick-stacking Philips Steamer serves up pica pica staples like dim sum, with a Flavor Booster that infuses food with the aroma of different herbs and spices. And the Philips Blender’s powerful motor and variable speeds can be used to prepare healthy soups, dips, and cocktails that will have guests lining up for seconds and thirds.


For Philips, throwing such dinner parties is all part of living a full and happy life. As RJ Buenaventura, Philips’ General Manager for Consumer Lifestyle, says, “Sharing good stories and a good meal at the dinner table with the people you love is a beautiful thing – a testament to the power of home-cooked food. Our Consumer Lifestyle products are all about those important moments – making them come around more easily and more often, and making these shared experiences as rich and enduring as possible.”


Philips is the world’s number one Low Fat Frying Brand, as well as the world’s number one Cooking & Food Preparation Appliance Brand according to international media monitoring company Euromonitor.


For more about Philips kitchen appliances, log on to the Philips Home Living Philippines facebook fan page.


Cooking Up a Perfect Dinner Party in your Condo

Cooking Up a Perfect Dinner Party in your Condo

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