Philips and World Citi Announce Strategic Collaboration to Support the Future of Healthcare in Philippines

September 19, 2014

Philippine Orthopedic Center to receive healthcare solutions package to boost services and provision of orthopedic solutions


Manila, Philippines – In an effort to help strengthen orthopedic care for Filipinos - Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) has today announced that it has partnered with World Citi Inc. to jointly innovate healthcare at one of the Philippines’ most distinguished medical centers, Philippine Orthopedic Center. This project aims to help the government provide better healthcare services to the public and provide access to more modern hospital facilities. 


There are a number of conditions and ailments treated through orthopedic procedures and some of these are due to traumatic injuries while others are a result of infections leading to strained muscles or degenerative diseases that can affect the musculoskeletal system and patients can significantly benefit from orthopedic procedures1.


State-of-the-art Facility in Philippines


The joint project that Philippine Orthopedic Centre will receive is the first healthcare Public Private Partnership (PPP) awarded by the government that will help transform the nation’s primary center for musculoskeletal diseases through the new site in the Healthcare Triangle of Metro Manila.


''The Philippine Orthopedic Center has been serving Filipinos with quality orthopedic care for over 60 years,'' said Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno, Country Manager of Philips Philippines. ''We are honored to complement their steadfast dedication with advanced facilities to provide comfort to their patients for decades to come. This further exemplifies Philips’ commitment to help bring meaningful innovations to the lives of Filipinos.''


In 2013 alone, the Philippine Orthopedic Center serviced over 100,0002  cases through medical treatment and consultation services (operating room, out-patient department, emergency room, and wards). The center is highly regarded as a training ground for aspiring Filipino doctors in the field of orthopedic medicine.


''The future of healthcare is one of the country’s most pressing concerns,'' explained Tetteroo-Bueno. ''Our goal is to simplify the delivery of healthcare and improve clinical outcomes. This includes helping improve the diagnosis, treatment, and management of debilitating musculoskeletal diseases.''


Raising the Quality of Healthcare Provision in Philippines


The MPOC (Modernization of the Philippine Orthopedic Center) project is one of the biggest healthcare projects in the country to date.  It involves the construction of a highly specialized 700-bed orthopedic facility along East Avenue, Quezon City and improvement of its hospital operations. This modernization is part of the government’s ongoing efforts to expand and improve services on universal healthcare.


The Philips team and the World Citi team finalize discussions in Singapore for the modernization of the Philippine Orthopedic Center. Seen from Left to right are: Ms. Kristine Lee (Philips), Mr. Scott Bradley, Mr. Alan Jackson (CEO, Healthscope Medical Solutions Corp.), Mr. Jesus Santiago, Jr. (Chief Financial Officer - World Citi, Inc.), Mr. Raymond Patrick V. Guico (Executive Vice President – World Citi Colleges), Ms. Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno (Philips Philippines Country Manager), Dr. Arlyn Grace V. Guico (President – World Citi, Inc.), Mr. Frans van Houten (CEO, Royal Philips), Atty. Constantino Navarro, III (Legal Counsel - World Citi, Inc.), Ms. Melissa Ann V. Guico (Business Development Director – World Citi), Inc., Ms. Harjit Gill (CEO, Philips ASEAN & Pacific), Mr. Arjen Radder (President for Asia Pacific, Philips Healthcare), and Ms. Youli Jocelyne Wu from Philips.


''World Citi Inc. took the challenge of modernizing the Philippine Orthopedic Center specializing on musculoskeletal system, to bring global standards to healthcare services,'' said WCI President and CEO Dr. Arlyn Grace V. Guico.


''World Citi, with its over 43 years of experience in hospital operations, aims to bring the state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities to enhance POC’s operational efficiency and provide better health care services to the Filipino public. This partnership with Philips is one major step towards the attainment of these goals.''


Philips will bring in medical facilities to bring the 69-year old Philippine institution to the forefront of the field’s evolving medical technologies. The company is globally established as a provider and manufacturer of medical equipment and healthcare solutions.


Philips shares the vision of the Philippine Orthopedic Center in transforming itself into the country’s foremost center for musculoskeletal diseases and this is made possible with medical technologies that are at par with global standards.

Healthcare in Philippines

Healthcare in Philippines

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World Citi Inc. owns and operates World Citi Medical Center, a tertiary level hospital along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City.  WORLDCITIMed is an Integrated Management System-certified hospital with international certifications for quality management, environmental management, and health and safety management. World Citi has been in hospital operations for 43 years. WORLDCITIMed can be reached through its website and official facebook fan page