New Philips Daylight solution

New Philips Daylight solution offer drivers of commercial vehicles maximum visibility

September 2, 2011

Eindhoven, Netherlands – Philips has introduced a new solution to increase the visibility of commercial vehicles, thereby ensuring safer driving during the day and at night. This introduction anticipates European legislation prescribing that all new trucks and buses – over 33 million – must be equipped with dedicated Daytime Running Lights (DRL) from August 2012 onwards. Many countries have already implemented this measure and experienced a significant reduction in accidents. In the US, commercial fleet passenger vehicles modified to operate with DRLs were involved in 7 percent fewer daytime multiple-vehicle crashes than similar vehicles without DRLs.1


Truck and bus drivers spend a lot of time on the road, often with a heavy working schedule, and so are extremely safety-conscious: they attach tremendous importance to their personal safety, and to that of other road users. In addition, as in the private vehicle sector, energy efficiency, style, and easy installation / low maintenance are becoming key topics as well.


Philips LED MasterLife Daylight 8 offers a high-value DRL solution for commercial vehicles already on the road, and enables drivers to benefit from the increased safety of DRL right now. Powered by high-power Philips Luxeon® LEDs, the energy-efficient LED MasterLife Daylight 8 provides maximum visibility with its highly intense and wide beam (100% wider than the average product on the market). Consequently, vehicles fitted with this product can be seen much more easily by other road users. And the light can stay on 24/7 thanks to its dimmable function, ensuring that fitted vehicles are visible at any time of the day or night.


Dominiek Plancke – General Manager Automotive- stated “EU norms for automotive lighting oblige all new commercial vehicles to have daylights: to make current trucks and buses as visible as new ones, Philips’ new MasterLife Daylight solution addresses these requirements perfectly, with a highly intense and wide beam to increase visibility of the driver himself as well as other road users”.


A touch of style

Design is increasingly important to many truck and bus owners, especially when the vehicle’s lights will always be on. Philips LED MasterLife Daylight 8 has a premium ultra-slim 8-dot-line design, which gives the lighting a highly distinctive appearance – setting the vehicle, and its owner and driver, apart from the crowd.



No maintenance and easy installation

Suitable for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, LED MasterLife Daylight 8 lasts a vehicle’s lifetime thanks to its long-life LED technology; therefore no maintenance is required. In addition, it offers industry-leading ease of installation, taking less than two hours to fit.


LED Daylight range bears the Original Equipment Quality seal. It guarantees high-quality products for increased safety on the road combined with Philips technology.


The Philips MasterLife Daylight 8 will be launched as of September 10 in all European countries for 199 Euro.

For further information, please contact:

Marieke van Mierlo

Philips Lighting Corporate Communications

Tel: +31 40 27 56037



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How effective are DRLs?

Nearly all published reports indicate DRLs reduce multiple-vehicle daytime crashes. A study examining the effect of Norway's DRL law from 1980 to 1990 found a 10 percent decline in daytime multiple-vehicle crashes.1 A 1994 Transport Canada study comparing 1990 model year vehicles with DRLs to 1989 vehicles without them found that DRLs reduced relevant daytime multiple-vehicle crashes by 11 percent.2

In the United States, a 1985 Institute study determined that commercial fleet passenger vehicles modified to operate with DRLs were involved in 7 percent fewer daytime multiple-vehicle crashes than similar vehicles without DRLs.3 A small-scale fleet study conducted in the 1960s found an 18 percent lower daytime multiple-vehicle crash rate for DRL-equipped vehicles.4 



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