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3M cable

This dynamic uni-directional microphone with integrated windshield is optimized for quality vocal performances.

Product features

  • 27mm diaphragm picks up every detail for superb sound

    The superb quality of the microphone's active diaphragm ensures you always get faithful, crisp sound reproduction.

  • Minimized noise when switching between on and off

    You'll not hear any annoying 'clicks' when switching this microphone on and off.

  • Uni-directional design picks up speaker's voice only

    This microphone is most sensitive to sound coming from the direction of the performer, and far less sensitive to sound form all other directions. The result is clear voice reproduction with little risk of feedback from speakers on stage.

  • Windshield improves sound quality by preventing noise

    The integrated windshield prevents disturbing noises from wind gusts or breathing too close to the microphone.

  • The 3m-long cable is ideal for use with microphones

    Give yourself extra freedom of movement with little risk of tripping or tangling.

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